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Venerable FaxunVENERABLE FAXUN graduated from Singapore’s Ngee Ann Polytechnic in 1989 where she was President of the Buddhist Society. She was ordained in Taiwan in 1992 by Venerable Wu Yin of Luminary of Bhikkhuni Sangha and underwent five years of basic monastic education in the Luminary Buddhist Institute, also in Taiwan.

Upon completion of her monastic training, Venerable Faxun returned to Singapore in 1997 and served in the Sagaramudra Buddhist Society, where she conducted adult’s and children’s Dharma classes in English and Mandarin.

In 2001, Venerable continued to pursue her education by doing a Bachelor of Arts and Education degree at the University of Western Australia, where she majored in linguistics and Asian studies. While in Australia, she also taught meditation at the Sagaramudra branch in Perth, which she helped to manage. In 2009, she completed her Honours Degree with a thesis entitled The “Other” Path: The Bhikkhuni Quest for Liberation. Since then, Venerable has been teaching at various Buddhist centres in Singapore, Malaysia and Western Australia, and contributing articles to Buddhist magazines.

Contact Venerable Faxun by leaving a comment here. She welcomes requests for her to conduct workshops on the Five Precepts. 

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    1. Dear Alex, thanks for getting in touch!
      I have passed Shifu your request. As she’s now in a retreat, she can only get back to you in Jan 2012.
      Meanwhile, keep in touch!
      Yong Hui
      Dharma In Action

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